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Discovery trail


For vistas that are well worth the detour.

Discover all of our experiences

Climb to the top of the mountain off-trail, then gently descend on our marked trails.

With its 31-km network of trails, Mont-Tremblant is the best place in the region to learn about alpine hiking.

Our favourites

Our recommendations to escape in off-trail mode:

The Vertigo and Sasquatch trails

A beautiful challenge for mountaineers, from the base to the summit, with a simply spectacular view of the Resort.

Les Caps

A demanding 1.9-km climb from the base to the Flying Mile with a superb view, followed by a run down the ski slopes.

Ruisseaux trail

Start gently in an unearthly atmosphere for 1 km with a view of streams. Then, access the Vertigo, Caps and Johannsen trails.

To enhance your experience

Activities and places to discover in the region.

Restaurant La Savoie

An authentic experience from the Alps and the best fondues, raclettes and pierrades, in the heart of Tremblant’s pedestrian village.

Bistro Bar Grill La Forge

With its delicious cuisine, its selection of fine wines, beer, spirits and live music, La Forge is the perfect place to unwind at the mountain.

Au Grain de Café

The perfect spot at the mountain to enjoy specialty coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pastries or sandwiches.

Sleep and rest

To end the day in style

Le Deer Tremblant

Magnificent modern style property, Le Deer Tremblant combines contemporary furnishings and comfort and it is located close to Tremblant resort.

Les Suites Tremblant

For a comfortable suite in one of the best establishments in the heart of Tremblant Resort.

Bel-Air Tremblant

A modern and contemporary mini-loft in the heart of nature, just 10 minutes from the mountain… for the ultimate escape.