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Discover Mont-Tremblant from ziplines

By | 15 Aug, 2017

Descend the highest summit in the Laurentians on ziplines, while exploring the region’s magnificent nature and scenery; this is the challenge proposed by Phil Belec, general manager of Ziptrek Ecotours Mont-Tremblant, IRONMAN athlete and part-time golfer.

Phil spent his childhood in Saint-Sauveur, but has always skied at Mont-Tremblant. After founding his own communications and marketing firm, he worked in the event and show-planning business before becoming president of La Ronde and general manager of a ski centre. Then, in 2012, he took leadership of Ziptrek Ecotours Mont-Tremblant.

« The Ziptrek adventure began with two friends who dreamed of bringing nature to their customers while talking to them about the environment. Then, the idea came to them to create this experience thanks to the ziplines. The company was founded in Whistler in 2002. Ten years later, they developed the concept here in Mont-Tremblant », recounts the true sportsman, who has competed in no less than 150 triathlons in the past 25 years.

Ziptrek Ecotours Mont-Tremblant

An activity that appeals to young and old alike

« When we created Ziptrek, we thought we would mostly attract young adults and thrill seekers. What we discovered is that the activity also appeals to young families, active retired people, in short, to everyone! » he adds enthusiastically.

The activity starts at the base of the mountain. You take the gondola up to the summit. Then, you launch yourself on the longest lines in Québec, a 4-km course divided into 5 ziplines. In addition, the activity is done in tandem. That is to say that you « zip » side-by-side with a friend for even more fun.

« All Ziptrek lines have very distinct personalities. Line 1 is an introductory line. It allows riders to get used to the activity. Once you see Line 2, you understand what you have just embarked on. This line descends to 3,050 feet, providing a spectacular view of Mont-Timber. Lines 3 and 4 start from the Mont-Avalanche tower. Line 3 takes you to the Devil’s River valley on the Versant Soleil with a view of the racetrack, Lac Tremblant, etc. This is the first line to exceed 1 km. Then, line 4, the longest, brings you back to the Village via the South Side, with a view of Casino Mont-Tremblant. Finally, on line 5, which is called the show-off line, you see the Village, and the Village sees you », says Phil.

Ziptrek Ecotours Mont-Tremblant is open from May to October. The activity happens come rain or shine. During the descent to the base of the mountain, the ride is magnificent and the guides interpret the flora, fauna and geography of Mont-Tremblant, adding an educational component about sustainable development to the recreational aspect of the day. Phil recommends wearing clothing to suit the temperature, but especially good running shoes or sneakers.

The Must-Sees

« What makes the experience unique, of course, is that we zip on one of the highest peaks in the Laurentians. But the most important thing is that this is the most beautiful way to discover Mont-Tremblant. There are people who have lived here for years and when they take the tour, they experience the region like they’ve never seen it before. Moreover, the sunsets at the end of the day and the opposite in the morning (that is to say that one starts at the top of the clouds and then comes out below), are truly magical moments for our participants », says the general manager and avid outdoor enthusiast.

According to Phil, in addition to the ziplines, the must-sees in the region are Parc national du Mont-Tremblant, which he finds extraordinary, the beautiful lakes to explore by canoe, pontoon or paddleboard and the unparalleled views you can experience on Mont-Tremblant’s golf courses.

Golf Mont-Tremblant

In the future, Phil wants to continue to develop outdoor projects that provide his clients with exceptional experiences. And of course, to continue his IRONMAN triathlon competitions. « What I like most about Mont-Tremblant is that it’s an incredible playground. The water is impeccable. Cycling is on very well maintained paths, which are kept in good condition by the town. And running is magic. You run through the Village and then on a magnificent cycling path. We really have ideal conditions! », adds the sportsman.

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